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Water and Sanitation in Sudan

Improving access to water for children, their families and communities

Most of the people living in the areas where we work in Sudan have little access to potable water. As a result, children and families are subject to the risks of walking long distances to obtain water, inadequate sources, pollution, misuse or mismanagement of water and water sources, and the widespread practice of open defecation. Most people have a poor understanding of hygiene which negatively affects their health. This is exacerbated during a disaster or conflict.

We partner with community groups to lead their sanitation and manage local resource, as well as prepare for potential disasters. So far, we have worked with 43 communities, which has resulted in 4,228 families stopping open defecation and using their home toilets instead. An additional1,565 families to date, are in the process of digging toilets.

We have also partnered with local groups to install hand pumps, boreholes, wells and water tanks, and established community water committees that manage the water systems in the long-term.