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Sponsorship inspires positive change among girls

Former Plan International sponsored child Samah, now a medicine graduate from Bakht Elruda University, says that she would not have been able to follow her ambitions without being sponsored.

Samah graduated from University
Samah graduated from University

Now a graduate student from the Faculty of Medicine at the Bakht Elruda University, Samah, a former Plan International Sponsored child, knows that her ambitions would not have been possible had it not been for this Sponsorship Programme. Currently, there are over 4,000 sponsored children in Edduweim. Samah is one of around 30 girls who managed to complete their education and graduate from different universities, which is the first time this has happened in her community.

Gaining confidence

Shy and soft-spoken, Samah would never have imagined talking in public, let alone facing an issue openly. But through active participation in her school which was the first to be selected by Plan International Sudan under its school improvement programme, she has worked on her confidence and cherishes a moment when she gave a speech during the commemoration of the Global Education Day in Khartoum.

She is now focused on seeking an opportunity within the community as a doctor, where she can make a meaningful difference to the health of the local population.

My future priorities are to advocate with my peers to support girls’ education and to have communities free from FGM and child marriage

The health challenges are multiplied by the long distances that people have to travel to access their nearest health centres, many of which are ill-equipped.

Supporting the community

Born fifth in a family of 7 children, Samah is also grateful that her parents, who are teachers, have been very supportive in ensuring that she took full advantage of the Plan International sponsorship to pursue her education.  

Already, her achievements in education have raised her profile in the community and many people now look up to her to help deliver them from problems affecting them including malaria and waterborne diseases.

She hopes to advocate with her peers to support all the girls in her community and the surrounding areas to complete their education and to have communities free from FGM and child marriage.

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