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Education in Sudan

Ensuring all children, particularly girls and the most marginalised, can claim their right to an education

We are using our years of experience in education to improve 31 schools in Sudan. This is benefitting 7,135 children. The children are being encouraged to play a key role in making decisions about their education and to define how their schools are being governed.

We enable communities to build classrooms and renovate schools, and support them to provide school meals to students. We are also training hundreds of teachers in how to build relationships, manage schools, negotiate and facilitate, promote child rights and drive gender equality. They are also being trained how to promote girls’ education, write proposal, mobilise resources, manage finances and how to be effective leaders.

We work hard throughout the year to promote girls' rights, and to spread awareness about the importance of girls’ education through a range of campaigning activities . However, the number of girls who drop out of school due to child marriage and gender stereotyping, is still a huge challenge in Sudan. To start to address this, we are actively working with different partners in North Kordfan and Kassala Sates to advocate for the adoption of a law to prohibit child marriage.