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Disaster risk management and emergency response in Sudan

We work to create resilient communities where children and young people can grow up while realising their right to protection and assistance in emergencies.

In times of disaster, children are particularly vulnerable. Separation from family and friends causes uncertainty, anxiety and shock and has a significantly adverse impact on children’s emotional wellbeing. Our initial disaster response work focuses on children’s urgent needs such as food and water. We then prioritise child protection and education to help re-establish a sense of security and normality. An important part of this involves developing child-friendly spaces, which help protect children from harm and exploitation and aid emotional healing. Using an innovative child-centred approach, we help children develop the skills they need to keep them safe and support communities to be more resilient in times of disasters.

Plan International Sudan is currently responding to the humanitarian needs of refugees in North Darfur in Zamzam IDP camp, as well as in Tawila, Shangil Tobay and Kutum.