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Education in Sri Lanka

Enabling all children to access a quality basic education

Plan International Sri Lanka is a leading voice on early childhood care and development (ECCD), and primary education. We are using our expertise to support the education authorities at national and provincial levels, and ensure parents have improved access to quality and governance in ECCD.

We focus on enabling children from five to 14 years to access inclusive learning, eliminating exclusion based primarily on poverty, disability, gender and conflict. So far, as a result of our parental awareness programmes, where we emphasise the importance of two years of pre-school education, the enrolment rate for pre-schools has increased from 70% to 85% in areas where we work.

We also promote age-appropriate and gender-sensitive school water, sanitation and hygiene facilities and practices in order to ensure a hygienic school environment for all children, while enabling teacher to access full training on early childhood care and development. So far, 60 primary teachers have gained training in creative communications through story-telling and art.