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Child protection in Sri Lanka

Protecting all children from all forms of violence

Plan International Sri Lanka is committed to ensuring that all children are safe and protected from all forms of abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence. We are achieving this by reinforcing family and community responsibilities to safeguard their own children and enabling children to protect themselves.

We form powerful partnerships with child protection professionals and institutions at divisional, district, provincial and national levels, to bring about long-lasting institutional change for the benefit of all children.

We also work shoulder to shoulder with communities to establish village level child protection committees, build up teams of volunteers in child protection, and build the capacities of child protection authorities to ensure the protection of children. Using our decades of experience and community trust in our three programme areas, this project has been rolled out in 39 villages in the four divisions of Manmunai West, Manmunai South West, Eravur Pattu and Eravur Town.