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Education in South Sudan

Improving opportunities for all children to access quality basic education

In spite of the volatile security situation in South Sudan, Plan International South Sudan’s work on education continues making progress as part of our overall support for holistic child development. Our goal is to increase access to basic education for all children, and empower marginalised groups such as girls and the poor, to enable them to complete their basic education in a child-friendly, good-quality learning environment in which they have a voice.

Our work includes supporting the construction and the renovation of schools to improve the learning environment, building the capacity of teachers to improve their effectiveness and career growth, providing educational materials to increase the amount of teaching and learning resources, and community awareness raising to increase enrolment and enhance ownership of schools.

We are closely partnering with communities on the subject of education, after noting that in some communities where we facilitated the construction of classrooms, school enrolment remained low. Such places need a multiple approach of parent meetings, radio talk shows and debating on the importance of education, so that all children of school age and their parents can understand the value of schooling and complete a basic level of education.