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Child protection in South Sudan

Enhancing children’s capacity to engage in child rights and protection issues

Gross violations of children’s rights continue to take place in South Sudan – including the right to protection.

Plan International South Sudan’s child protection focus is on the issue of forced child marriage, which is prevalent in South Sudan and a key barrier preventing girls from accessing education opportunities. We enable girls’ access to the education and skills necessary to succeed in life.

Meanwhile, our work also encompasses emergency intervention among Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Lakes State, through Child-Friendly Spaces where children actively take part in activities that help them to cope with the situation and reinforce their resilience.  School clubs have given children the skills to express themselves, and support has been given to girls and boys by our skilled staff in preparing poems, songs, drama and debates and radio programmes in which they educate parents, community and their peers on child rights and peace.

Much work is done on a routine basis on raising awareness of child protection in communities, and we are partnering closely with UNICEF, World Vision and War Child to highlight child protection issues at a national level.