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Skills training helps girls escape sexual exploitation

Ugandan girls forced into sexual exploitation are turning their lives around by joining this Plan International-backed programme. Job training is provided alongside a package of education and support services designed to help make long-lasting, positive changes.

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Around 54,000 Ugandan girls aged under 18 are forced to work in the sex trade.

In this film we see how the girls escape sexual exploitation through a Plan International-backed project. The project supports vulnerable girls to learn new vocational skills so that they can turn their lives around.

The classes, implemented by our partner UYDEL, are always jam-packed with girls who are eager to move on and leave sexual exploitation. The success of the project lies in its holistic approach: skills training; working with police, bar owners and local leaders; promoting safe sex; spreading the word; and providing child care.

So far 232 girls have graduated. 72% are employed. 25% have started their own business.

This is the fourth in a series of films about our work to support vulnerable girls and young women in Uganda. Watch the final episode to find out more.

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