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Simone, youth advisory group alumni

Meet Plan International Global Youth Advisory Panel (GYAP) alumni Simone, aged 19, from the UK

What are you passionate about?

I began working with Plan International 4 years ago and since then, education and gender inequality have become huge topics of interest for me. I was fortunate enough to work on a sanitation project in India this year, and the experience amplified my concern for these issues and the people they affect.

I am currently at university in Australia and hope to link up with Plan International Australia's Youth Advisory Panel during my time here.

What do you enjoy about working with GYAP?

Working with the GYAP has given me a small group of friends from around the world who are open to share their experiences and discuss difficult topics, which I am very grateful for.

Why is GYAP important?

The space to develop and help implement Plan International's global strategy has been hard at times but the opportunity for key decision-making bodies to hear the voices of younger people and young people is an important one that we should continue to use.