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Healthy start in Sierra Leone

Contributing to the reduction of under-five child mortality in Sierra Leone

Plan International Sierra Leone is committed to reducing under-five child mortality in Sierra Leone, through enabling parents to increase their knowledge relating to the survival and development of under-fives, and strengthening health systems and community-based integrated management of neonatal and childhood illnesses.

Last year our skilled staff carried out awareness raising on malaria prevention via radio programmes, street theatre, community football tournaments and the distribution of prevention materials such as bed nets to a total of 442,454 people, including women and children in 717 communities.

There has been a 64% increased usage rate of treated bed nets, and a 55.9% increase in use of health services by pregnant and lactating mothers, in areas where we opeate. Meanwhile, 91,062 children under five have so far benefited from increased access to child-friendly health facilities stocked with toys, creating an environment for practically promoting the concept of Early Childhood Care and Development among men, women and grandmothers.