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Education in Sierra Leone

Improving the education system to offer quality basic education to all children, without discrimination

Plan International Sierra Leone is a leader in education in the country. We are using our considerable experience to focus on increasing access to quality, basic, inclusive education for the most vulnerable children, especially girls and children with physical disabilities, and also during emergencies. 

We have worked in close partnership with communities, teachers and schools to establish children’s clubs at 270 primary schools and 90 junior secondary schools, with 720 teachers trained to facilitate the clubs, which raise social awareness around getting marginalised children, notably girls and children with disabilities to enrol in school. The clubs also empower children to take part in the decision-making process about issues that affect them.

A scorecard system has also been established to encourage children to think about the different issues faced by boys and girls. Scorecards have proved effective at raising issues of governance, violence against girls and teacher attendance, as well as have provided rich evidence of the issues facing both girls and boys at school level.