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Child protection in Sierra Leone

Ensuring all children in Sierra Leone are protected from abuse, exploitation, neglect and violence, including during emergencies

Plan International Sierra Leone is leading the way in increasing child protection in the country. Our child protection programme continues to strengthen community-based child protection mechanisms and national child protection systems. We are promoting child and youth participation in child protection to protect children from abuse, exploitation, neglect and violence, including during emergencies.

We have worked with communities to carry out extensive awareness-raising, resulting in increased reporting of teenage pregnancy, sexual harassment, early and forced marriage, female genital mutilation, gender-based violence, child labour, corporal punishment, child trafficking, maltreatment, child molestation, drug use, and child-to-child violence. We have also formed powerful partnerships with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs (MSWGCA), the media, school authorities, paralegals, and social workers, enabling them to access training on topics such as child safeguarding, community-based child protection mechanisms and child rights programming.

In total, 382 villages and communities from 12 chiefdoms across our operational areas have taken advantage of such training, and are now more informed on topics such as the Child Rights Act 2007, referral pathways, and reporting channels for child abuse, gender-based violence and violence against children.