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Shaping entrepreneurs for the future

This project, developed by Plan International together with the Scotiabank group, seeks to develop entrepreneurial skills in young men and women, and to provide them with tools to make their business ideas come to life.

Evelyn is a 19-year-old girl studying Bakery and Pastry in one of the Productive Technical Education Centres (CETPRO by its Spanish initials) in her district, Puente Piedra (Lima, Peru). Until last year, Evelyn did not think she could fulfill her dream of becoming a master baker until she found out about the project "Shaping entrepreneurs of tomorrow."

This project developts financial, economic and entrepreneurial skills in young men and women. At the end of the training programme, the best of each class can obtain a scholarship to study a career at the CETPRO. The participants can also present their business plans in Plan International's and Scotiabank's seed capital contest. 

"I had no money to study, but I heard the call of the programme and I knew I had to enroll. Then I got a scholarship to study Bakery in the CETPRO, and now I am very happy because in just six months I'll finish my career," says Evelyn excited.

Evelyn showing her self-made baked goods
Evelyn showing her self-made baked goods

Today Evelyn is on her way to master bakery. Evelyn’s commitment has not only made her the best of her class. She also successfully sells all her delicious creations around the CETPRO. However, Evelyn dreams big.

"I would like to start a bakery/pastry business in my house because there are no bakeries close to where I live. I believe it would be a good business opportunity. I want to keep working to reach my goal, and I know I will", she says convinced.