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Sexuality Education in Asia: Are We Delivering? An Assessment from a Rights-Based Perspective

Sexuality education in Asia: Are we delivering? is an assessment, from a rights-based perspective, looking at the policies and strategies in place regarding sexuality education in the 13 Asian countries where Plan International works.

Adolescents and communities, along with Plan International, see the urgency of helping young people become informed about sexuality at an appropriately early age. This ensures young people can protect themselves from coercion, abuse and exploitation, unintended teenage pregnancy and sexuality transmitted infections, including HIV.

We hope this report will inspire all of us to increase our engagement on realising the sexual and reproductive health rights of the young generation. Also with this report, we want to promote a rights-based approach to development in general and sexuality education policies and practices in particular. This will help to promote norms and standards and most importantly, hold us more accountable.