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Sexual rights in Nicaragua

Empowering all girls and boys to gain knowledge about their sexual and reproductive rights.

Some 25% of pregnant women in Nicaragua are adolescents due to the lack of information and education on sexual rights and health. As a result, Plan International Nicaragua is working to enable young people to make safe, sensible decisions about their sexual and reproductive health.

Our Sexual and Reproductive Rights Programme enables 2,430 adolescents and youths to access training on safe practices regarding their sexuality. They receive information on delaying the onset of an active sexual life, the use of modern contraceptive methods and their access to sexual and reproductive health services.

We support 4,000 adolescents and youths who have joined local community networks to learn about their rights to a safe sexual life and encourage them to campaign for better sexual education in schools.

Last year, we supported young people to deliver a petition to the Ministry of Education, calling for an increase in the number of schools using the Comprehensive Education in Sexuality Manual, a document developed by Plan International Nicaragua.