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Youth economic empowerment in Senegal

Empowering youth and women for a good financial start in life

Plan International Senegal is playing an active role in ensuring that young people aged between 15 and 24 become economically active. Based on encouraging results from the use of VSLAs (Village Savings and Loan Associations), a method in which we lead the way, our microfinance strategy promotes youth leadership, particularly amongst girls and the most vulnerable young people. The programme connects young people to training and support to help increase their economic skills and knowledge, both for formal and informal financial services. Training is also offered in life skills, financial literacy and entrepreneurship, allowing young people to decide which vocational areas they would like to choose.

Already, young people who have received training in life skills have adopted responsible behaviours, resulting in a widespread respect of their commitments from their peers, a reduction in teenage pregnancy, the development of listening and decision making skills, and the ability to resolve conflicts that might occur within the group or community.