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Health in Senegal

Ensuring the best quality health information and care for everyone

Senegal faces a number of different health challenges, and Plan International Senegal is committed to improving:

  • healthcare for conditions ranging from parasites, helminthiasis and malaria, tuberculosis and malnutrition,
  • healthcare for new mothers and babies 

We ensure that communities have access to growth monitoring through the monthly weighing of babies, and we organise quarterly malnutrition training sessions, which last year reached 182,512 children - 94,699 girls and 87,816 boys. The malnutrition rate varies between two and five per cent in the districts where we work, while at the national level, the average is around 10%.

We partner up with communities and young people on awareness raising and screening to reduce tuberculosis. Meanwhile, considerable efforts have been made to improve prevention and healthcare for malaria, particularly in increasing understanding on how to prevent the disease becomes more and more widespread through the use of mosquito nets.