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Education in Senegal

Providing a quality education for all, particularly girls and the most marginalised

Plan International Senegal is committed to supporting the Senegalese government to develop a practical system to improve the quality of education in the country’s primary schools, and to improve the transition rate of primary school children to secondary school.

Our activities include giving teachers training opportunities and partnering with communities to construct classrooms, separate toilets for girls and boys and multipurpose training buildings. We have facilitated the set-up of 40 school shops and 15 libraries, all now managed by children and school community based organisations.

We are also supporting all communities in the creation of Integrated Early Childhood Development schemes for children aged 0 to six years, and in 2014, 13,568 children enrolled in such schemes, including 264 play groups (for children aged 0-3 years).

Another major focus is on the modernisation of Daaras, or traditional Koranic schools, to progressively discourage forced begging and increase the number of Daara students who join the learning cycle of formal education. Working in close partnership with local religious leaders, we continue to see excellent results in this programme area, which is driving proven, long lasting change in communities.