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This school radio is strengthening children’s self-esteem

Shessira wants to become a radio speaker and José wants to be a journalist. They felt drawn to these careers by participating in Plan International’s school radio project in the school “United Nations” located in Lima, Peru.

Elementary school students and radio speakers
Shessira and José, elementary school students and radio speakers.

Since 2014, 40 children have been participating in the radio school project, where they learn how to produce, edit, and broadcast a radio show. They share poetry and short stories, give the news and interview people about school-relevant issues. But through the project, they also develop diverse skills such as creativity, time management, communication, critical thinking, and leadership, among others.

Teacher Benito Castillo, with Plan International’s support, trains children as well as other teachers in radio topic. For him, the radio is a powerful tool because it develops skills while playing and having a good time.

“A radio is an ideal space for boys and girls to develop their content-producing capacity and to learn how to express themselves in public. Children are more participative and engage in social activities more actively because the project has strengthened their self-esteem”, Mr. Castillo explains.

Boys and girls producing the radio show take their duty very seriously. They know the radio has become one of the main communication channels between students and teachers. Other students also participate in the radio show by bringing songs in their USB sticks or by singing or reciting themselves.