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Global Youth Advisory Panel member Sanji
Global Youth Advisory Panel member Sanji.

Meet Plan International Global Youth Advisory Panel (GYAP) member Sanji from Sweden.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about human rights. This began 4 years ago when I did a school project on what life is like around the world. I then applied to be on the youth panel for Plan International Sweden and my dedication has grown ever since.

Working alongside people around the globe and being a part of a community that actually makes a difference brings my ambition to life.

Throughout my years with Plan International I believe I have learned a lot about what life is like around the world. I am grateful to be a part of the GYAP.

What do you enjoy about being on GYAP?

It’s truly an honour to work with such incredible and ambitious young people across the world who share the same goal to represent the voices of youth.

I especially enjoy having several different nationalities on the GYAP which means we can discuss issues from a variety of perspectives.

Why is GYAP important?

Youth voices are equally as important as adults’ voices, if not more. How will an organisation that works for and with children be able to develop and find solutions to their problems if they do not work with children?

We represent every child that Plan International works with and for, therefore our voices are crucial towards the organisation’s strategy.

Young people think differently, can be more innovate and have different perspectives that can solve difficult problems and challenges.