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The COP23 conference is being held in Bonn, Germany in November 17, under Fiji presidency.

COP23 Policy Brief


This paper provides a background on how climate change affects children, the gender differences between the impacts, the background to this year’s Conference of the Parties 23 (COP23) and Plan International’s key policy messages for the conference.

Climate change is an intergenerational equity issue. Those who have contributed least to climate change are bearing the brunt of its impacts and will face the huge task of finding future solutions to adapting to and mitigating climate change impacts. Climate-related disasters often have disproportionate impacts on children and serious implications for their rights.

This year’s COP, held in Bonn Germany but under Fiji presidency, from 6 – 18 November is the second since the formulation of the Paris Agreement. There remain areas for renewed calls and further action in ensuring children’s rights, especially girls’ rights, are always upheld and unaffected by climate change, and that they are actively connected and engaged in decision-making, policy-making and implementation and accountability mechanisms at all levels. 

This policy brief also outlines Plan International's key policy positions on climate change, which include supporting and working with the most vulnerable, accelerating assistance to the most vulnerable and ensuring an inclusive approach in decision-making.