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EU Budget deal 'bare minimum' required

9 December 2014
Reacting to the provisional deal on the EU’s 2015 budget and the draft amending budgets for 2014, Plan International welcomes the agreement but warns that this must serve as a wake-up call to EU leaders.

The deal on the 2015 budget sets the total commitments to €145.3bn and the total payments at €141.2bn, including €8.408bn (commitments) and €7.422bn (payments) for external action (Heading 4, Global Europe).

According to Alexandra Makaroff, Head of Plan International’s EU Office:

“By finally reaching agreement, the EU has managed to avoid a major budgetary crisis. There was simply no alternative. But the deal on the table represents the bare minimum required for the European Commission to function and fulfil its obligations to partners around the world.

“With the majority of the debts accumulated in previous years transferred over to the 2015 budget, it is still highly likely that the Commission’s development cooperation coffers will run dry in 2015. The impact of this will be felt far and wide, with fewer contracts signed and beneficiaries forced to pre-finance their projects. We are already seeing this happen now. Ultimately, millions of women, men, girls and boys around the world who rely on EU aid to help pull themselves out of poverty will feel the effects of this crisis.

“This saga must serve as a wake-up call to address the underlying cause of these snowballing debts. It is critical that a structural solution is found as soon as possible, without jeopardising progress towards sustainable development which has been achieved in recent years. The Commission has demonstrated its eagerness to tackle the problem and Commissioner Georgieva has already presented a plan of action, but it relies on the support of the Council and Parliament if it is to succeed in reducing the level of unpaid bills in a sustainable manner.”

Editor's notes

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Next steps

The Parliament's Committee on Budgets is expected to confirm the agreement on 11 December, followed by the formal adoption by the budgetary authority (Council and Parliament). The Council is due to proceed to this final step on 12 December and the Parliament on 17 December.

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