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Plan International Philippines holds first ever Cyber Talino Summit with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft and Globe Telecom

“With the advantages of technology, young people like you have an immense opportunity. You are more empowered through innovation and technology to be informed, to lead and to speak up against abuse,” Ryan Lander, Plan International Philippines’ Deputy Country Director for Programme, addressed young people during the first ever Cyber Talino Summit.

In celebration of this year’s Safer Internet Day, Plan International gathered for the first time the world’s leading communication technology companies, young advocates, and parents for the Cyber Talino Youth Summit and Cyber Parenting Conference to elevate the discussion around online safety particularly for children and young people. An initiative under Plan International’s Cyber Safe Spaces Project, the two-day Summit was held on February 20 and 21, 2019 at the SMX Convention Center.

Around 400 young leaders, social innovators and technology enthusiasts, joined the first day of the summit which aims to enhance the cyber safety skills of children and young people and encourage them to use the social media platform responsibly.

Kicking off the sessions, Consumer and Devices Sales Manager of Microsoft South East Asia Anne Lepissier emphasized that what people do online do not just stay online.  She also shared practical tips on how to stay safe online such as maintaining strong passwords and avoiding posting of photos that could be damaging to young people.

“Think about what others would feel before you upload something.” Facebook Asia Pacific Safety Policy Manager Snow White Smelser says during her keynote speech on #CyberTalinoSummit2019

Anne Lepissier, Microsoft SEA Consumer and Devices Sales Manager reminds the youth: “Be very careful of the people you meet online; when meeting them personally, please don’t go alone, don’t leave your phone at home, and inform people that you’ll be meeting a stranger you met online.”

Lucian Teo, User Education and Outreach Lead of Google Asia Pacific, said that being Cyber Talino or cyber smart means having the ability to identify clues to distinguish if a video, a photo, or an article online is fake.

According to Facebook Philippines Public Policy Manager, Chris Kuzhuppilly, the platform partners with governments, civil society, the academia, local experts, and other stakeholders such as Plan International, in addressing issues on child safety, misinformation, and countering violent extremism, among others. He also introduced Facebook safety features and shared publicly available online resources which include the Youth Portal and Facebook Safety and Help Centers.

Aside from promoting safety to its users, Jeremy Ho from Twittter Asia Pacific also cited examples of game-changing campaigns that sparked through Twitter.

One of the highlights of the summit is the launch of Plan International’s newest campaign on child online protection dubbed as Cyber Talino. Under this campaign, the Cyber Safe Spaces Project and the UP Kinaadman, a group of seven Visual Communication students from the University of the Philippines-Diliman, developed a card game that helps children identify potential online predators and be aware of the defensive actions they can do protect themselves.

On the second day of the summit, parents and social service providers listened to tech experts from Globe Telecom, Twitter, Microsoft and Google as they discuss the available solutions and technologies on their platform to address online addiction, cyber bullying and the production of child sexual abuse materials.

“Control technology, don’t let it control you. Don’t be just a consumer, be a creator,” Lucian Teo challenges the youth to become Internet Awesome who are innovators with big purpose

Kristen Capili Dimayuga, Program Lead for Education, Training and Development, presents Globe Telecom’s award-winning Digital Thumbprint Program which promotes safer online environment, during the Cyber Talino Summit

Plan International believes that information and communication technology community is a vital ally in child online protection. Through the Cyber Safe Spaces Project, the organization continues to forge partnerships with ICT companies to proactively work against online sexual exploitation and ensure that innovations also create a safe space for children.

“Each and everyone of you here has a voice. Twitter is a place where everybody has a voice,” Jeremy Ho said during his session on #TwitterverseforTweens: How a Tweet can Spark a Movement.

“As a young advocate of cyber safety, I believe what I learned today is important and will help me protect myself from abusive people lurking on the internet. I will share this with my peers.” Jenny Joy, 12, and a Plan International Girl Leader, closes the Cyber Talino Summit 2019 Day 1.

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