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Plan International Haiti works with Important TV station to promote children's rights

The child-centered community development organization and Soleil TV, an important catholic television station signed a MoU On July 2017 to support advocacy efforts to promote children's rights in Haiti.

Soleil TV regularly programs shows with and for children. These shows have large audiences among Haitian families. Through this agreement, the TV station is committed to broadcasting shows that address the issue of children's rights and are particularly aimed at combating child abuse.

Enabling children to have self-confidence and thrive Soleil TV Director, Plan International Haiti Director and Children posing after the signature of the MoUSoleil TV Director, Plan International Haiti Director and Children posing after the signature of the MoU

Marie Thérèse Frédérique Jean-Pierre, the Director of Plan International in Haiti, welcomes the signing of this protocol which reflects, she says, "how the organization works well with partners to enable many children to have self-confidence and thrive."

"This agreement will make it possible to diversify the program we offer to the children so that they recognize that they have value like all the other children," affirms the Reverend Father Claudy Duclervil, Director of TV Soleil.

In addition, with the collaboration of the Haitian Ministry for Women's Affairs and Women's Rights, this press organ should be inspired by Plan International's "Because I Am A Girl" campaign to advance the rights of girls in the country.

As Sadrax Jean Charles, the Gender and Advocacy Manager for Plan International pointed out, "the signature of this protocol is part of a strategy that aim to eliminate the barriers that prevent girls from fully enjoying their rights as well as boys." He believes that "Soleil d'Eté" (Summer Sun) and "J'épelle au Soleil" (I spell in the sun), two flagship Soleil TV’s shows, can help with this objective.

It should also be noted that this agreement provides for other activities to promote the rights of the child apart from the two programs mentioned above.