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Plan International Brasil Statement on the Gang Rape

Plan International Brazil would like to express their solidarity with the victim of the gang rape reported last week in Rio de Janeiro and with all other women and girls who suffer from violence every day in our Country.

The brutality of this crime has moved and mobilised Brazil and the world, and has made all society reflect on the violence which daily victimises girls and women.

Sexual violence is the clearest manifestation of the consequences of a macho and patriarchal social model, where men feel they have the right to use the female body as an object, or that women, from the earliest stages of their life, are seen as the property of men. And the movement that tries to silence any form of gender issue discussions reinforces this violence and naturalises the abusive practices.

In this moment of pain and sadness, but also of mobilisation and reflection on the structural causes of gender based violence, Plan International Brazil:

Reaffirms that violence against women and girls has structural causes which need to be exposed and challenged: machismo, racism and classism taint Brazilian society’s process of socialisation and for this reason all society needs to make an effort so that the bases of socialisation are principles of justice, gender equality, liberty and respect for differences. 

Demands that public policies and legislation for the promotion and protection of women and girls’ rights are maintained, broadened and improved so as to guarantee full and integrated attention, without restriction, preventing re-victimisation and guaranteeing the quality of care, as well as punishing the perpetrators. 

Reiterates their commitment to gender equality and women and girls’ empowerment and will continue mobilising society through their projects, campaigns and mobilisations, under the global “Because I am a Girl” movement, and also together with other organisations and the Network for the Promotion of Girls’ Rights and Gender Equality, so that girls and women may be protagonists of their lives and reach their full potential, free from violence and other barriers that are imposed on them because they are women. 

Plan International Brazil therefore calls upon Brazilian society to unite their efforts in this movement to guarantee that girls and women can live free from violence and that their rights may be fully upheld.