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Plan International in Piura aims at empowering young people to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Sonia, together with more than other 50 people from Piura, has participated in the Project “Learning to be entrepreneurs”. This project works with young people who have not continued their education after finishing high school, so that they strengthen their business, employment and self-employment skills.

Training workshop
Training workshop

Plan International and the local government of La Arena established a seed capital contest for small business ventures designed by young entrepreneurs who participated in Plan International’s project. The jury’s panel was comprised by representatives from Plan International, La Arena local government, Peace Corps, La Arena Technical and Productive Education Centre, and the private sector.

“The project has motivated us to dream about goals. We have learnt how to provide an adequate client service and to innovate constantly. As a result, I have designed a business plan for a bookshop”, Sonia Lezama explains.

She is one of six young women who will receive a seed capital to implement their business.

“Learning to be entrepreneurs” understands an entrepreneur not only as someone who creates a business, but as someone with a set of skills and attitudes that enable him or her to reach goals and design a clear plan to achieve them. This entrepreneurial “spirit” is also associated to being proactive and perseverant, two attitudes which are key to succeed in a context such as Peru.

Maria Temoche, who participated in the project, says: “Being an entrepreneur is feeling confident to get ahead with your own skills, it’s overcoming challenges. In the project I learned to design a business plan and now I own a ceviche restaurant called Rosal Viviente”.

“Learning to be entrepreneurs” is a Project about empowerment. Its main goal is that young people develop skills that will enable to improve their quality of life and those of their families.