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Sustainable livelihoods in Peru

Empowering young people to find employment

Enabling young people to access employment opportunities is key to ensuring Peru’s long-term future, and Plan International Peru is committed to using its considerable expertise in youth economic empowerment. We aim to establish mechanisms that permit the inclusion of the poorest people in the economy, building conditions that allow them to escape poverty and extreme poverty.

So far we have enabled around 1,200 poor and extremely poor adolescents and young people who did not have access to formal education, particularly young women, to develop personal and social skills such as self-esteem, self-confidence, rights, responsibilities, perseverance, savings, planning, budgets, taking advantage of information and opportunities. These people have accessed technical studies in metalwork, welding, crafts, cosmetics and heavy machinery, in order to enter the labour market under better conditions, with other groups learning husbandry and weaving skills. Strengthening their productive technical abilities has led to some students obtaining employment in better conditions, while others have started small businesses, and all are hopeful for long lasting, positive change in their lives and those of their families.