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A sponsor, a friend

Alexander has been a sponsored child since he was eight years old. Now, at sixteen, he is an active part of Plan International's projects in the area.

Since Alexander became a sponsored child, one of the most important parts of his life has been the bond he has built with his sponsor.

"My sponsor is from Finland, he told me he likes Maths and has many pets. I tell him how I am doing in school, what my favorite courses are, and what my hobbies are. We have many things in common, for example I like to draw and he likes to do that, too", says Alexander.

Sponsored child from Peru.
Alexander (16), sponsored child from Peru, in his neighbourhood.

Alexander, is a diligent student and pretty good at Maths. He is coursing his senior year at high school and he is more motivated than ever to follow his dreams. Alexander is ambitious and is keen on continuing his studies after high school. He does not want to miss any opportunities for him and his family to improve their quality of life.

"My dream is to finish school and study many things. I would like to study Business Mangement, but I would also like to learn more about other occupations, such as heavy machinery maintenance, or electricity. I know something about these occupations thanks to my parents, and I would like to increase my knowledge", he says with conviction.

Alexander knows he has got a long way, but he is highly motivated and has found great support in his sponsor.

"Although I do not know him in person and all our communication is through letters and photographs, my sponsor has helped me stay motivated. He told me his own story of how he could get ahead. He is an example that even if sometimes you fail, you must not get discouraged and should keep on working to reach your goals", he says happily.