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Organic farming as a family business

Carmen Ticse and her family saw a business opportunity when the organic farming was gaining territory in restaurants. Through the Food Governability in Andes Región Project, Carmen and her family were able to learn techniques that help her to grow her own garden.

Around the world, the organic farming trade -food that avoids the use of artificial fertiliser and the natural time of harvesting is respected- is gaining more consumes who value this type of alimentation. These are products with the ability of improving health since they reduce up to 89% of the pesticides that damage blood, according to a report from the Melbourn Real Institute of Technology.

Due to the grow on the demands, several restaurants have been specializing in this cooking art with products 100% organic, which has become a nutritional habit for a lot of people. 

Carmen Ticse, from the Phuyucalla’s community, in the Paucartambo, this demand is an opportunity since all that she is producing is natural, organic and chemical free. These products are the ones she also eats and sells to a restaurant, which specializes in this kind of alimentation.

‘Our products are welcomed because they have the quality; they are tested since they reach important restaurants. The natural character of our products is a perk’, says Carmen. At the greenhouse she plants celery, tomatoes, eggplant, pickles, sweet pepper, basil, among other vegetables.

When Carmen saw there was a business chance and with the advice of the Gobernanza Andina project, the greenhouse building began. This took her five months and then she received training in natural compose and fertilisers, such as the bocashi.

“To prevent the illness in plants, I’ve been taught to prepare organic fertilisers”; says Carmen.

She also feeds her family with those products and her community does too, so they receive a nutritional diet. ‘We see the results in our children’s grades at school. This job also helps us to have a better economic situation.