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Learning to be an entrepreneur

Since 2010, Plan International Peru works with women to improve their quality of life through economic empowerment.

Silvia lives in the Loma Negra community (Piura, Peru). This community is comprised by about 700 families whose main economic activity is farming. The closest university is located 30 kilometers away from this community, so going there from Loma Negra implies an investment of 300 PEN, the local currency. 300 PEN is 40% of the minimum salary in Peru. This situation limits young people’s opportunities to access a higher education.

Silvia, who has two children, participated in the project “Learning to be entrepreneurs”, and learned to create budgets, business proposals, learned about client service and product diversification and other issues. This knowledge has helped her drive reforms and improve her sandals business.

“In order to do my business plan I had to do research. I interviewed a lot of people to get to know their tastes and I also had to market research about the prices that my target would be able to pay for the sandals”.

Silvia presenting her business proposal
Silvia presenting her business proposal

Silvia has a clear goal on how to spend her earnings:

I want to improve my house’s structures. In the future I would like to sell my sandals in Lima (Peru’s capital) and with the earnings I make I want to start saving for my children’s future higher education.