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Vernor Muñoz

Global Advisor on Education, Plan International
Mr Vernor Muñoz Villalobos, Global Advisor on Education, Plan International

Vernor Muñoz is Plan International’s Global Advisor on Education. He has developed an interdisciplinary career incorporating education, research and writing, a career formally recognised through Costa Rica’s ’National Award’. 

Mr Muñoz has worked for over 30 years in human rights, combining his duties in the governmental sector and non-government organisations, with his career as university professor and grassroots level facilitator. 

He has taught Human Rights, Philosophy of Law, History of Law and Civil Law at universities in Costa Rica and has been a visiting expert in universities in Argentina, Spain, Nicaragua, Colombia, Germany and Switzerland. In the non-formal sector of human rights education, his teaching experience includes journalists, police forces, prisoners, children, adolescents and people living in the countryside of many regions of the world. 

He has been Human Rights Executive Ombudsman of his country, a member of national delegations to the principal Human Rights organisations within the UN system, Director of the Human Rights Education Department at the Costa Rican Ombudsman Office, coordinator of the Ph.D. Programme on Latin American Studies of the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, and member of the Deliberative Council of the Fund of Civil Society for Education (FRESCE). 

In addition Mr Muñoz has acted as a consultant for several non-governmental and international organisations, inter alia the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights, the Latin-American Institute for prevention of crime, UN Peace University, Plan International, UNFPA, Unicef and Unesco. 

Author of many books, articles and chapters in magazines and national and international compilations, specialised in Human Rights, Mr Muñoz’ reports, essays and articles have been translated into English, French, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, German and Croatian. He has higher studies in Literature, Law, Human Rights, Philosophy and a Ph.D. in Education, and is widely published. Mr Muñoz is the former UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education (2004-2010).