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Sven Coppens

Country Director, Plan International China

Sven Coppens is Plan International China Country Director and our Global Country Director Champion for Early Childhood Development. Sven holds a Bachelor's in Education, a Master's in Ethics and Moral Sciences and worked as an ethics teacher, a teacher trainer and a researcher in teaching methodologies in Belgium, prior to starting work overseas.

He spent 10 years working for Plan International in West Africa, occupying the positions of Education Project Manager, Regional Education Advisor and Regional Programme Director, prior to becoming the Programme Director for Plan International Vietnam and then Country Director in China.

For over a decade, Sven has played a leading role within Plan International promoting and supporting early childhood care and development (ECCD) programming. Between 2005 and 2013 he represented Plan International globally on the Consultative Group on ECCD (participating on the CG ECCD Executive Board between 2010-2011).

Sven has also represented Plan International on the ADEA Working Group on Early Childhood Development in Africa and more recently has participated in the Asian Regional network, including through support to the organisation of the annual ARNEC Conference held in Beijing, China in October 2015, in partnership with the China Development Research Foundation (CDRF).

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