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Laurent Blagogee

Deputy Country Director, Plan International Burkina Faso
DCD Burkina

With over 20 years of experience in different countries including Togo, Cameroon, Burkina and Benin, Laurent Blagogee joined Plan International Burkina Faso for the second time, now as Deputy Country Director. Before moving to Burkina, he was Regional Finance Manager for the West Africa Regional Office based in Dakar.

Previously, Laurent worked as Senior Auditor for Pannell Kerr Foster, the American INGO Child Fund. He worked for the Danish INGO Children’s Fund as Regional Financial Controller for Togo, Benin, Rwanda and Cap Verde offices. He has strong expertise and experience in Change Management, Systems, HR, Finance, Administration, IT, Audit, Legal, as well as Project Management.

Laurent holds a Master Degree in Economics and majored in Accounting & Finance earned at University du Benin - Togo.