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John Schiller

Global Advisor for Savings Groups, Plan International USA
Mr John Schiller, Global Advisor for Savings Groups, Plan International

John Schiller is an international development professional with 47 years’ experience in Africa, Asia and the Americas. He has a wealth of technical knowledge of different models of microfinance, with particular focus on the Savings Groups methodology since 2003, and experience in providing technical assistance to the field. 

Mr Schiller is currently Plan International’s Global Advisor for Savings Groups, responsible for promoting the methodology throughout our 51 programme countries and 20 national organisations. Prior to this role he worked for 5 years at our West Africa regional office overseeing implementation of the region’s microfinance strategy, which focused on wide dissemination and scale up of community-based microfinance models aimed primarily at poor rural women and youth. 

Before this he was Microfinance Coordinator for Plan International from 1995 to 2007. That position ran concurrent with 3 matching grants from USAID, whose purpose was to build our capacity to do high quality microfinance programming through partnerships with local MFIs and other microfinance promoters.  

Before coming to Plan International, John had a long international development career in rural enterprise development, mostly in West Africa, with Partnership for Productivity, CARE International and the United States Peace Corps, beginning in 1968. He gained a BA in History and Religion from Gettysburg College, Gettysburg in 1968, and is fluent in French.