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Anne-Sophie Lois

UN Representative Geneva & New York
Ms Anne-Sophie Lois, Head of Office, Plan International UN in Geneva

Anne-Sophie Lois is the United Nations Representative and Head of Office of Plan International’s UN Office in Geneva. Ms Lois opened the organisation’s first UN liaison office in 2009 and since then has led Plan International’s advocacy work at the UN in Geneva. She is actively engaged in the child rights community in Geneva, and served on the board of Child Rights Connect for six years, including one year as its President from 2014 to 2015.

Ms Lois has 30 years of extensive international experience in both the humanitarian field and in human rights advocacy. She is a respected thought leader and a results-oriented manager, and her multicultural knowledge has enabled her to effectively lead people from diverse backgrounds. Ms Lois is a strong team player whose leadership style includes providing directions, and motivating and empowering members of her team. She has solid experience in strategy development, networking, fundraising, liaison and representation with governments, donor communities, UN agencies, and NGOs – at both the international and local level.

Prior to joining Plan International in 2009, Ms Lois worked at the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre of the Norwegian Refugee Council in Geneva, as well as with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Swedish Red Cross and as a consultant. She has worked and lived in multiple countries in Europe, as well as in the Americas, Africa and Asia. Her areas of expertise include human rights with a focus on children, displacement, conflict and reconciliation.

Ms Lois holds a Masters degree in Social Science and is a certified biographical counsellor (coach). She speaks six languages.