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Alex Jacobs

Director of Programme Quality, Plan International Headquarters

Alex Jacobs has 20 years of experience working with NGOs on development and humanitarian issues. He joined Plan International in 2011 as Director of Programme Quality.

Mr Jacobs was Mango‘s founding director, leading the award-winning organisation for nine years. During this time, he worked with many other NGOs, carrying out evaluations for ActionAid and the DEC, creating the Who Counts? campaign and co-leading the Listen First project. He also chaired Bond’s Quality Group and helped draft the 2007 HAP Standard on Quality and Accountability.

Mr Jacobs started his career working and managing projects in Africa, particularly Rwanda, DRC and Zimbabwe, mostly with Oxfam GB. Before joining Plan International, he was Keystone‘s Research Director working with clients including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He has held visiting fellowships at Oxford and Duke Universities, working on accountability and performance in NGOs, and taught at other universities including Liverpool, INSEAD & Cass. He sat on Oxfam GB‘s audit committee for six years, was a trustee of Bond for six years and a trustee of Link Community Development for eight years.

Mr Jacobs is currently a member of the Task Team on Humanitarian Effectiveness for the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit, and a trustee of the Joffe Charitable Trust.