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Participation as Citizens

Building an Enabling Environment for Good Governance

Plan International Pakistan is committed to ensuring all girls and boys are raised in a protective, encouraging and nurturing environment where the duty bearers respond responsive to their rights without any gender discrimination.

Children have the right to express their views. Plan International Pakistan work with local governments, civil society organisations, communities and children to ensure children are able to be express their views and get involved in decision making processes. Our multi-level strategic approach involves developing parternships with the government and the Unitied Nations to forming and organising community groups to lobby and raise awareness of children’s rights and child protection issues. 

We have provided technical support to Social Welfare Department, District Vehari and supported them to formulate and adopt a child protection policy for its department. The combination of this essential work and our innovative approach culminated in a first of this type of initiative and is now being used as a pilot for other districts.

Plan International Pakistan has supported over 150 child protection committees in both urban and rural areas.