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This October 11 - The girls were the protagonists of the International Day of the Girl in Paraguay.

In commemoration of October 11, International Day of the Girl, once again, hundreds of girls made their voices heard becoming the highest authorities in the country.

More of 60 institutions participated with the direct support of Plan International, in addition to public schools (440 confirmed and still counting) throughout the country through the invitation made by the Ministry of Education and Sciences and countless institutions and organizations that joined spontaneously. We continue counting more and more and others will be added during the rest of the month.

Paraguay had a girl as President of the Republic in Exercise; a girl President of the Chamber of Senators; a Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice; 5 Ministers, 3 Executive Secretaries; 2 female governors; 15 mayors; 10 CEOs of Companies; 2 Ambassadors; 3 Directors of Cooperations; directors of schools and Universities; a girl living with disabilities taking over a school; and many more girls as top authorities.

"As President, I want all girls to feel protected by public policies that guard against the violation of their rights." Nara, 11 years President of the Republic in Exercise.

With regard to inequality, Leticia (16 years old) President of the Chamber of Senators said "I see inequality more among my peers ... I am more empowered thanks to the movement [#GirlsTakeOver] that always helps me to promote, and thanks to that, I'm driving my other peers "

This year, we seek the participation and adherence of public opinion in a more active way, through the signing of a commitment for "A world with equality" in:

Institutions that took part in the takeover:


Presidency of the Republic through the Vice President


Supreme Court of Justice

Ministry of Education and Sciences

Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare

Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security

Ministry of Children and Adolescents

Ministry of women

Municipality of Asunción

Governorate of Guairá

Governorate of Caaguazú

Liberation Municipality

Municipality Yataity del Norte

Municipality Paso Yobai

Municipality Indepencia

Municipality of Ñumi

Municipality of Ybytymi

Municipality of Tebicuarymi

Municipality of Mbuyapey

Municipality of María Antonia

Municipality of Caaguazú

Municipality of Repatriation
Municipality of Juan Manuel Frutos

Municipality of 3 February

Municipality of RI 3 Corrales


District Hospital Santaní

Indigenous School Arroyo Sayju- San Pedro

School School Punta Suerte - San Pedro

Guavirá School - San Pedro

Colorado Street School- San Pedro

Directorate of Education of - Guairá

Directorate of Education - Paraguarí

Pedagogical Supervision - Paso Yobai

Administrative Supervision - Paso Yobai

Educational Supervision - Independence

Educational Supervision - Mbuyapey

School Management – Guairá

Channel 9 and Other Mass Media

Attorney General's Office

National Secretariat of Information and Communication Technologies

National Secretariat of Youth

Ombudsman's Office

Public Function Secretary

College of San José

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

world Bank

Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE)

The best

CADIEM (Stock Exchange)

El Comercio Financial Office



National Secretariat for the Human Rights of PENDIF project for children with Disabilities

British Embassy

Embassy of Italy

Canadian Christian Fund

Solidarity Foundation

Villamorra Shopping 

The protagonic girls
They are girls and adolescents from the areas where Plan International implements community development projects: communities in the departments of San Pedro, Guairá, Caaguazú and Paraguarí, as well as Asunción and the Central Department.
In addition, Girls of the San José School, Dante Alighieri School and Public Schools and one girl from PENDIF school for children with disabilities from Fundacion Solidaridad.