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Economic empowerment in Paraguay

Enabling young people to gain skills and employment

With a burgeoning young population, Paraguay has high unemployment rates, and many young people do not have the education or know-how to find jobs. Plan International Paraguay is committed to enabling young people to develop new skills and knowledge, thus increasing their chances of gaining initial employment, or developing their own businesses.

So far, 371 families have gained access to supplies, equipment and technical assistance to form their own income generating businesses. Sexual and reproductive education also forms part of our economic empowerment programme, enabling young people to make sensible decisions about their sexual health. We have formed an important partnership with local organisations Diakonia and Serpaj, by implementing a project called JAIKUAA, which aims to include health and sexual and reproductive rights in the formal education curriculum. We have worked closely with the two organisations to design a Guidance on Mechanisms and Protocol to report violations of sexual and reproductive