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Dora is taking a step forward towards her career

Dora (28) has a BA in Nursery and is taking a traineeship with the Company FARMACENTER, known at national level in Paraguay, in the city of Caaguazú, her department.

Even though she lives 45 km. from Caaguazú, every day she goes all the way and return to accomplish her responsibilities: “I feel very comfortable because I’m a nurse but I’m acquiring many other skills related to the pharmacy. Apart, I’m learning the software programs the company is using and its administration system; finally, I’m improving my soft skills related to how to treat customers.”

Dora is very active and supportive.She participates in different committees at community level and she is the key person when somebody is suffering a cold or some domestic accident: “they call me because I studied health’s related disciplines; if I can solve it myself I do, otherwise I suggest them what to do.”

She started her experience in SAPE´A with the soft skills training implemented by Plan International Paraguay. 

She believes the opportunity provided by Sape’a is very valuable: “Take advantage of the opportunity and be more participative. These trainings give you the skills to achieve a dignified job for your life.

I learned how to prepare a resume. That was essential to get selected for the traineeship.

Dora has two sons, Jonás (3) y Santiago (9). One of them was born with a not severe brain damage and he is enjoying the Mitâ Róga classes developed by Plan International’s volunteers, where he learns skills to develop its motricity so to be more independent.

She´s already taking steps toward her career goal by this internship: “Farmacenter’s staff are a very good and helpful team. They are strengthening my dreams and I’m improving every day. With the revenues I’ll get with the job, I’d like to renovate my house and be able to invest in my children’s education for their future.”

The Sape’a program is implemented by Plan International Paraguay in partnership with the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security (MLESS) and is co-funded by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID) and Plan International Spain.