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Child protection in Paraguay

Promoting child protection for all young people, including during disasters

Plan International Paraguay uses its years of expertise to promote child protection at national, district and community levels, and to raise awareness on the issue of violence against children. We are partnering with parents, caregivers and in-school and out-of school children to provide access to information on reducing violence in its various forms, and, in some districts, communities run radio programmes for children and adults on the same issue.

In addition, we train communities on reducing bullying in schools.

Another arm of our protection programme is disaster preparedness, including strengthening communities in disaster preparedness and response and ensuring children’s rights in emergencies.

Plan has a strong partnership with Oxfam to put in place the “Chake Ou” Capacity Building for Risk Management and Reduction project in five flood-affected neighbourhoods in Asuncion. The project diagnoses the situation of communities and families in the area, as well as offering capacity building for disaster preparedness for over 500 families and training over 60 community facilitators.