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Sehrish: Girl Power helped me continue my studies

Plan International Pakistan’s Girl Power Programme is supporting young women like Sehrish to continue their studies and move on to further education so they can follow their ambitions.

Girl Power Programme
Sehrish is following her ambitions thanks to Plan International's Girl Power Programme.

Sehrish Javed, 24, is a courageous and brilliant student who has benefited from a fast-track programme to enter further education supported by Plan International’s Girl Power Programme.

The hardships she has faced in her life didn’t deter her from realising her aspirations. In fact, they became an impetus for change, allowing her to do something extraordinary in her life and become an inspiration for other girls. 

My heart longs for further education

Sehrish suffers from a serious sight condition that affects her vision in broad daylight, affecting her ability to see clearly. At the age of 18 she was married to a drug addict who abused her both physically and mentally.

Sehrish’s marriage ended in divorce and despite her parent’s disapproval she did not get married again and instead expressed her desire to resume her studies. Coming from an impoverished family, it wasn’t possible for her father to pay for her education.

Girl Power provides opportunities

However, Plan International’s Girl Power Project had started in her village offering girls the opportunity to enrol in further education. Sehrish was able to enrol in the Girl Power Project’s Fast Track Learning Centre and proved herself to be an exemplary student. 

Her hard work and determination have resulted in her becoming one of the highest performing students in the Girl Power Project in Vehari and Chakwal. “Sehrish would stay awake all night and study to excel in her exams. She was determined to pass the exams with distinction,” said her teacher.

Her parents, who were once dismissive of her passion for education, now feel proud of their daughter. Sehrish has already bought the books for high school and started preparation on her own.

“My heart longs for further education and I hope that I don’t have to face further obstacles in order to pass all levels of education with distinction, eventually completing my PhD,” she says.

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