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South Sudan

Supporting thousands of children and families affected by famine and civil war.
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Yari at her home in a displaced people's camp

Yari: I married to save my family from hunger

The crisis in South Sudan is forcing girls like Yari into child marriages as increasingly desperate families are exchanging their daughters for money or livestock to stay alive.

Nyakor, 10, in a camp for internally displaced people in South Sudan

Girls hit by food crisis eat least and last

The crisis in South Sudan is leaving girls like Nyakor, 10, vulnerable and with little food to eat as families prefer to use their meagre supplies to feed their sons.

Food distributions in South Sudan

South Sudan: Food for desperate families

Regular food distributions are helping children and their families survive the food crisis in South Sudan. However, needs are increasing and supplies are running out. 

Lat Bol arrives home after a morning spent fishing.

The 7-year-old fishing for his family's survival

Lat Bol may be just 7 years old but since the food crisis in South Sudan worsened in February, he’s become the main provider of food for his entire family.

Ater, 2, is being treated for malnutrition

Food distributions support malnourished children

Children who have become malnourished as a result of the famine in South Sudan are recovering thanks to food supplements provided by Plan International.

Many families in South Sudan are migrating to neighbouring countries.

Forced to flee their homes: South Sudan in pictures

South Sudan is facing one of the worst humanitarian crises the United Nations has ever seen. 

Eli watches over a boiling pot of sorghum seeds in Central Equitoria.

Millions of children at risk of starvation across East Africa

Four-year-old Eli and her family are surviving one day at a time with support from NGOs like Plan International. But with dwindling food supplies and rising tension in the area, they are uncertain of what tomorrow will bring. 

Girls talk about menstrual hygiene at school in South Sudan

Sanitary pads keep girls healthy and in school

In South Sudan, many girls miss school during their periods. By giving them the knowledge and means to manage their menstrual hygiene effectively, we’re making sure they don’t miss out on an education.

Children in Melijo refugee camp in South Sudan

Children playing for peace in South Sudan

Conflict-affected children from South Sudan like Agau, 13, are learning, playing and recovering in Melijo refugee camp thanks to Plan International’s Play for Peace project.

Our results last year
  • 1,191
    people trained in livelihood skills, such as agriculture and entrepreneurship
  • 373
    teachers trained
  • 6,295
    youths participated in sexuality education or awareness
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