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Advancing children's rights and equality for girls.
See the impact of our work
Lenia, 22, is standing in front of her shop in Aileu.

Young people save for the future

Young people in Timor-Leste are gaining skills, saving money and reaching independence thanks to a partnership between Plan International, the European Union and The Australian Government.

a girl dancing and playing in Timor-Leste

Putting child protection and gender equality at the heart of the political agenda

Following recommendations from Plan International, eight political parties in Timor-Leste committed to guaranteeing child protection and women's empowerment ahead of the elections. 

New report on Teen pregnancy and early marriage

New research sheds light on girls’ lived realities and uncovers the root causes leading to teenage pregnancy and early marriage in three municipalities of Timor-Leste, while offering solutions for prevention.  

Community pre-schools boost girls' learning

Plan International Timor-Leste is working with the Ministry of Education and communities themselves to provide community-based pre-schools in isolated villages where children, in particular girls, are currently missing out.

Children playing in Aileu Municipality

From Tradition to Child Protection in Timor-Leste

Plan International works with communities and local authorities to establish child protection mechanisms in Timor-Leste.

Becoming mother and wife too early

Felicmina got married when she was 17 years-old and became a mother for the first time soon after. Only 10 years later, she is already pregnant with her fourth child.

#YouthTakeover: Leave No Child Behind

Two Timorese girls take control of the EU Delegation's social media to share their views on how the EU can help ensure all children are able to learn, lead, decide and thrive in Timor-Leste. 


Timor-Leste fathers get involved with childcare

Ensuring that fathers are involved in their children’s lives and learning is a core component of Plan International Timor-Leste's Early Childhood Care and Development Programme.

Film: 100% Ready - Women Take the lead in Timor-Leste

The story of Selestra and Joanna, two courageous women who ran a campaign for change during the last local elections in Timor-Leste.

Young girl in Timor-Leste with a water storage container provided by Plan International

Water source allows Timor-Leste girls to focus on school

El Niño-induced droughts have caused many Timorese girls to miss classes to collect water. In one community, a new water system installed by Plan International is allowing girls to focus again on their education.

Gender and disability - no obstacle to education!

Gender and disability - no obstacle to education!

After generations had their education disrupted by conflict Plan International are ensuring girls and young people are offered equal opportunities to learn.

Young people battle to get their voices heard

In Aileu, Plan International hosted an annual debating contest where 19 boys and girls competed to win the regional prize and progress to the final in Dili.

Odelia leads the press conference

Girls lead the way forward for equality

Plan International, together with local partners. organised Timor-Leste's first ever Girls’ Conference in Aileu. 250 girls and women got together to discuss their future and rights. One of the participants, 17-year-old Odelia took time to tell us about her ambitions.

One Hundred Women Leaders? We’re Ready!

In a small community centre down a dusty, bumpy road a group of women in Aileu district crowd together and discuss their plans for the future of their community. They say their lives have been spent at home, doing housework and caring for children, but something is about to change – they are running for election.

Keeping children safe in Timor-Leste

Through classes and simulations, we are supporting more than 4,500 children in 15 schools in Timor-Leste to prepare for future disasters

Our results last year
  • 5,000 youth
    empowered with new skills, knowledge, confidence
  • 75 water
    points built or improved
  • 6,000 children
    and adults received Safe Schools training

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