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Helping refugee youths learn a trade in Niger

Plan International Niger is working in refugee camps to help young people become self-sufficient by providing skills training.

Thanks to skills training, Djibrill has been able to start his own business to support his family in their new home.

In order to help young people in emergency situations become self-sufficient, Plan International Niger is providing skills training in refugee camps in Ayorou and Abala.

Djibrill, 20, is a refugee from Mali who has settled in the Tabarey-Barey camp located in Ayorou. He says, "I fled the war in Northern Mali and arrived in Niger with my parents. We left all our possessions behind us. Without a job or income, we were desperate".

After Plan International Niger began the skills training project, Djibrill was among those chosen to take a vocational course. “I opted for the small electronics maintenance course," he says. "We received good training and at the end we were equipped with an individual start-up kit. Later, with the help of my parents, I built my workshop".

Per day, I can repair 3 to 5 cell phones which allows me to have an income and address my needs

The skills learnt by Djibrill have helped him become a reputable mobile phone technician in the refugee camp and local area. He says, "Today, people from the camp and even those in Ayorou city come to me for cell phone maintenance. Per day, I can repair 3 to 5 cell phones which allows me to have an income and address my needs.

"I also help my parents in terms of daily family expenses and I am saving some money as well".

Djibrill is one of 350 refugees who have learnt vocational skills so far thanks to Plan International Niger’s project.