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Education in Niger

Ensuring a quality education for all children

Plan International Niger is committed to ensuring that all children, particularly girls, can access quality pre-school, primary and secondary education.

We are using our years of experience in the sector to conduct numerous programme activities in this area. This includes enabling village communities to attend awareness sessions about the importance of education, and a campaign on girls’ education that has so far reached 92,660 people.

We also run community forums in refugee camps to encourage children to make use of the educational facilities provided at these camps. We work shoulder to shoulder with local partners to build classrooms at the camps and provide school materials and food for children. We also run training sessions for school management committees and have issued thousands of solar lamps so children are able to study after dark.

Outside the camps, our skilled staff are conducting pioneering schemes such as providing motorised canoes for disabled children to travel to school from island villages, where they would normally be cut off from an education.