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Learning that improves the family economy

An employment opportunity diagnostic carried out by Plan International in Chontales and Boaco showed that there is a need to technically strengthen adolescents and young people in order to help them become agents of economic change in their families and the community.


Our project Strengthening Capacities among Boys, Girls, Adolescents and Duty Bearers to Improve Family Economic Well-being seeks to prepare young people technically and train them to make certain products that generate self-employment and lead to an improvement in their families’ incomes.

A group of adolescent girls and mothers of boys and girls sponsored by Plan International Nicaragua in San José de los Remates and Teustepe learned how to use raw materials growing in their area, so in the future they can set up small businesses to improve the economic well-being of their families. The project contributes to preventing child labour.  

Matilde, who is the mother of a child with a disability, works as a housewife and doesn’t have many options in the workforce.

“I feel good because Plan International has given us this opportunity, which can serve me well in the future. I learned to make good banana yogurt, pineapple marmalade, and fruit salads,” she says.

Javier, who is 23, has already spoken to the director of the local institute, as he intends to replicate what he learned at the training sessions.

“The idea is that these young people need to have expectations for the future, because all too often we study for a career and then can’t find a job. This is an alternative – to create a business with materials found right here in our municipalities.”

For Yolanda, another mother who works at home baking cakes, being part of the process taught her to think big.

“I’ve seen that one can have one’s own factory. For example, I know how to make guava jam. The more people receive the training, the better, because we can teach, we grow and like that we can set up a microenterprise. That’s why we want you to continue your support, so we can advance.”