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Girls in Kourittenga committed to end early pregnancies

13 October 2016
Last October 11th 2016, girls from the towns of Koupéla and Zorgho in the Kourittenga province took over the celebration of the International Day of Girls supported by boys. At the heart of their celebration was the theme of early pregnancies which was the lot of a hundred girls during the school year 2015 – 2016.

Early pregnancy acting
Girls in Kourittenga province from the Namalgue girls' accommodation center during the choreographic show on early pregnancies.

According to the High Commissioner of the Kourittenga province, Auguste Kinda, early pregnancies leave parents helpless. Young pregnant girls feel lost, are embarrassed, face the taunts of peers and most of the time end up isolated. Those who manage to maintain themselves at school see their studies affected. Their situation was enacted in its various aspects through a choreographic show including songs, dance, poetry slam, sketches by the girls and boys who stage directed the show and managed the ceremony on their own.

Their performance culminated with commitments taken by the girls and boys of Kourittenga to put an end to early pregnancies. 

Printed posters of their commitment were handed to Plan International, UNICEF representatives and the High Commissioner of the Kourittenga province. They Youth afterwards wanted to know what they had in store to help them to deal with the issue of early pregnancies

The UNICEF Country Director, Dr. Anne Vincent appreciated their initiative of making commitments and gave them some advice. She added that UNICEF also makes the commitment to support them in their struggle against early pregnancies as well as work towards the promotion of their rights.

Plan International Deputy Country Director Laurent Blagogee encouraged them and said that his organisation will also support them so that in the coming years, early pregnancies are not common sights anymore. Besides, he added, Plan International has scaled up its "Because I am a Girl" Campaign to a movement, and called upon all organisations and institutions to join the movement.  

Girls and boys commitments
The poster of the commitment of the girls and boys of Kourittenga province on early pregnancies

The girls’ day in Kourittenga ended with a performance of a female singer Awa Boussim, whose melody prompted to dance with her. Adults did not resist either, and the day closed happily with all, girls, boys and outstanding guests on the dancing floor.

Editor's notes

This is report on the celebration of the International Girl Day in Kourittenga, Burkina Faso.