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Promising future as agriculture entrepreneur

Despite being uneducated and no financial assets, Sita Harmel, 26 years from Myagdi has been successful to establish herself as independent agriculture entrepreneur.

“I couldn’t continue due to my poor family condition I had to leave my study while I was studying in class five” says Sita.

By the age of 15 she was married. As both of them were not much educated and saw no source of earning. The couple decided to go Middle East for employment. However luck turned out to be bitter, her husband couldn’t work under excessive heat in Baharain, so he returned to Nepal after nine month. His home coming left their family under poor economic condition, they were deprived from dream of having better life and own farm they have thought.

Sita is at her farm

By the time Sita was frustrated and was not seeing no better option to meet her family basic needs. While exploring alternatives for living she came in contact of Plan. She joined the Self-reliant groups formed under the Girl Power Project. As main objective of the project was to encourage women in difficult circumstances to start income generating activities, project helped her to produce green vegetables to uplift her economic condition.

“Involving in the self reliant group and vegetable production was the first step to achieve dreams” says Sita with a smile in her face.

Girl Power Project supported her to grow tomato. She borrowed USD50 from the cooperative to grow other seasonal vegetable crops. She also borrowed USD350 to set up a vegetable shop in the community.

“I gained USD690 rupees in 9 months period from the selling of green vegetables like tomato, cabbage, cauliflower, potato etc through my shop” says Sita. According to her, she is spending her earnings on child education, households' expenses and on saving in the cooperative.

“Few months ago I had to ask my husband for single penny and had to show him details of expenses, I had low self-esteem” Sita recalls her past.

Now situation has changed significantly, Sita supports her husband in financial matters. Recently, she is elected as the vice president of cooperative and coordinator of agriculture subcommittee in cooperative.   

Sita feels that she has shaped her dream after being active in self-reliant groups better than before.